Im so behind with  my blog with September updates of my life.. so doing it now before the oct 1!

Starting back webcam

Im buying a new home, so??? Im really waiting till i move to start back webcam  live on my sites. With a schedule so you will know when to catch me live! Hopefully before October 15 😩😩 the house Not ready something went wrong with the inspection. I might have to find another house, ugh i will see


excited i started a new job, customer service, i'm in training and it pretty good so more week  left, then i start on the phones.. yay,  WISH ME THE BEST! :)

Here's a video of me at work in the car ♥️😊



I love my cat so much 😩😩😩😭😭♥️♥️♥️😍


For the most part my life is FREEDOM.. i'm not a popular person and low key. i'm not friendly.. but i'm nice.. but friendly as people in my business, i don't go around just having word vomit about my business.

So i can do as i please.. who there to judge me? family or friends that feel the need to judge cant be in my life, they can go. And why would i care of judgement from strangers?.YOUR i laugh when people say ''what if such and such know u do this and that? '' i'm to old for that convo.. pas that.. that feeling of complete freedom over your life.. i'm grateful for that. took a long time to get here. i use to care so much..